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Spiritual Japan Niwaki Tourİ

               Landscaper, teacher in Japanese garden design and hortitherapist, Frederique DUMAS offers you to accompany her each year, for a study tour as initiatory journey to discover the niwaki and Japanese gardens, an art that can not be limited to a vulgar obsession of shape, but that we studie for spiritual lights it provides. Join me for this rich journey into the heart of traditional Japan.

Discover the Japanese islands combining you eager to discover the ancient arts and the culture, in a way that you'll never make as a simple tourist ! Come and meet some amazing people, embrase their incomparable and timeless beauty, all of which is imbued with wisdom and spirituality ...

Admire the wonders emerging from private courtyards by walking through the streets, visit unique gardens, discover the old Kyoto, its machiya and tsuboniwa, understand and learn founding principles of Japanese landscape, practice some Japanese traditional arts, make beautiful meetings, discover the stunning nature ... and enjoy the authentic cuisine.

All this with people who share the same passion as you. Allow yourself to realise your dream !
(open to anyone adult, from any country, fluent in English)

e-learning platform - Study tour in Japan - Japanese pruning and gardens - Frederique DUMAS - www.japanese-garden-institute.com


from 1st to 13th April 2019 - Registration deadline to September 5, 2018 - Total payment deadline to November 15, 2018

details of study tour
Spiritual Japan Niwaki Tourİ

       So that you can get an idea, here is the common thread of this study tour, the Spiritual Japan Niwaki Tourİ.

It is initially composed of 12/13 days of visits and discoveries during which you will study and learn the art of niwaki and Japanese gardens. Each journey of each day thus includes one or more garden tours with participation in demonstrations and events related to the plants, or a mini-lecture on the basics of the art of the Japanese garden, or the practice of an activity ....
Discovery or culture, some other visits will relate to additional topics of the Japanese Garden and its tea ceremony, architecture, decoration ...

As we study the art of Japanese garden for spiritual lights it provides and as its name suggests, Spiritual Japan Niwaki Tourİ, this tour is associated with a work on oneself. It is an immersion in a long-hidden Japan, the garden world, a world of contrasts such as the colors of pines and black cedars, mosses and granite or basalt stones, in an abounding nature. During these 12 days we work to give shape to a new model of social life where art and beauty become a generator of a daily economy and even more of hope and vitality. We take advantage of this fascinating initiatory journey, because it is quite particular, to think about our condition of being alive and to give another measure to the creation (of our life), far from the urgencies of urbanity and modern life.

The main feature of this study tour Spiritual Japan Niwaki Tourİ is the scarcity. This is not a simple touristic tour, but a study tour, initiatory journey performed in consciousness. It is not offered, will be never offered to you by a tourist agency, and ordinary tourists will never have access to what you will experience during this stay.

the detail of services

        So that this study tour offer, initiatory journey made in consciousness, be as transparent as possible for you, and do not fear surprises, I provide a complete list, accurate and detailed of all the services included and not included in this Spiritual Niwaki Japan Tourİ of 12/13 days of visits and discoveries, during which you will study and learn the art of niwaki and Japanese gardens in a technical and aesthetic setting with work on oneself, as I propose you.

You will be informed precisely what is your responsibility and what is not. You will know your location and type of accommodation, the types of transport used, payment of the entrance fees, preceding reservation of certain sites, setting up of some special bookings, general organization, coaching, teaching, workshops, etc ...

The detailed memo of this study tour, technical, aesthetic and initiatory journey made in consciousness is sent to you upon simple request. You will find there all the details of the services, but about the circuit, only the main events are reported in the visits list, which remains an example, to allow you at most of the surprise of discovery for all smaller events but charming I reserve for you every day. The final program can in any case only be approved a few days before departure, to allow the visit of exhibitions and special events scheduled during this period and organization of daily visits are likely to switch, some of which are subject to strict constraints. Then it will be communicated to you precisely.

all questions you might ask yourself...

       The study tour, technical, aesthetical and initiatory journey performed in conscience Spiritual Japan Niwaki Tourİ, consists of 12/13 days of visits and discoveries during which you will study and learn the art of Japanese gardens and niwaki, associated with a work on oneself in depth, for a price per person of 4395 € (other currencies available to countries outside the European Community on the corresponding sales page). The stay starts with your arrival at the hotel and ends with departure from the hotel. We do not take care of your flight.

The group consists of six people maximum, accompanied by one or two people, at different times, professional trainer in the Japanese garden art and quantum hortitherapist, and an assistant interpreter if necessary. Just four people for maintain and endorse the trip. The age limit is heighteen, minors should simply be accompanied by an adult. It is easy to conceive that it is an education and training program, and initiatory journey in consciousness, rather organized for adults, which would very quickly become boring for children. It is obviously necessary that the motivation is present in all cases.

I will share with you all the additional information which you wish to have on the identification papers, language, local customs, clothing takeaway, hotel equipment, electrical networks of Japan, currencies, fitness that is necessary for you to appreciate this type of trip ...

I thank you to contact me for any clarification you may require, either by phone or by email.

terms of sale

       For 2019, the initiatory and study tour Spiritual Japan Niwaki Tourİ of 12/13 days of visits and discoveries during which you will study and learn the art of Japanese gardens and niwaki, will start in Japan on 2019 April 1st - 1:00pm and will end on 2019 April 13th - 8:00am.

This means that, if you come for example from England, you will fly in the day on March 31th, that the schedule will advance of eight hours during the flight, and you will arrive April 1st in the morning. You will take your plane back in the day on April 13th. If it turns out that you are unable to get a plane ticket for those days, we can book you additional nights at your expense. By cons, conversely, a reservation of this study tour amputated a few days will be impossible.

With the travel program and other information, you will receive very specific conditions of sale, stating the dates of this study tour, the final itinerary, your purchase of your plane ticket, the price of the tour and its rule, the waiting list of registrations, the number of participants, cancellations by you or us, our liability limits in the organization and progress of this trip ... etc.

The terms of sale and the agreement for this study tour Spiritual Japan Niwaki Tourİ will be provided on simple demand.

e-learning platform - Study tour in Japan - Japanese pruning and gardens - Frederique DUMAS - www.japanese-garden-institute.com


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